40 Charts and Maps Explaining the Importance of Sports in America


Sports play a huge role in American society. The US sports industry generated $57 billion last year, and despite the decline of television audiences, a full third of the country still watches live games. The popularity of spectator sports has soared from being an escapist past time to an industry that cuts across all classes, regions, and demographics. These 40 charts and maps help explain the importance of sports in America.

Football is a highly popular sport in the United States, and the modern game of football originated in England. The Football Association was founded in 1863, and it created the Laws of the Game, which laid the foundations of modern football. The game is governed internationally by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), which oversees the FIFA World Cup, the world’s premier competition. The World Cup is the world’s most-watched sports event, drawing an audience twice as large as the Summer Olympics.

Football has changed a lot over the years. In the early days, the game was violent and many players died. But with time, new rules were made to make the game safer for the players. Nowadays, the NFL is the most popular professional league in the United States. A touchdown in the NFL is worth six points. In addition, a penalty kick from outside the 22-metre line is now a penalty.

Football is the most popular sport in the world. It’s played between two teams of eleven players, sometimes with fewer players on each team. The game is played on a rectangular grass field, sometimes on artificial turf. The game is called soccer in other countries. The winning team is the one with the most goals.