Sports – Extreme and Extreme


The Super Bowl is the annual finale of the NFL season and a holiday for tens of millions of Americans. In anticipation of this game, they throw parties with food, drinks and televised football. Over 130 million people will tune in to watch the game. Interestingly, four of the ten most-watched television programs in U.S. history have been Super Bowls. Despite their popularity, certain rules of these games can be problematic for players.

Yubi Lakpi is a modified version of cricket played by blind players using a naginata weapon (similar to a medieval European glaive). Another variation is called “target golf,” a sport in which players hit a golf ball at a net with a large net. In the winter, there is bobsleigh, a timed race on a sled. Other sports include tchoukball and jet ski racing.

In winter, there are several competitions for extreme sports. Luge is one of the Winter Olympic games in which competitors race on sleds lying supine in a small ice ring. They race in a sled – a small sled – down an ice track while facing up or feet first. Other winter sports include Lumberjack, in which competitors wrestle with logs and perform pole climbing exercises.

Other extreme sports include Disc Golf, in which athletes use flying discs as a ball. A variation on the golf course is called “Disc Sports.” In this sport, athletes try to throw a heavy disc object long distances. In contrast, Dodgeball is a game in which car drivers race down an uphill track in a time trial format. Among the more bizarre sports is hitball, a modified version of Australian football, where players try to hit an opposing team’s goal post.