Types of Sports


A variety of sports are played by people around the world. Some of these sports are competitive, while others are strictly recreational. For example, high jump is an Olympic track and field event, while high power rifle is a shooting competition. Other sports involve motorcycle riders who attempt to ride up steep hills (Hillclimbing), while car drivers compete on uphill courses in time trials. A variation of Triathlon is Aquabike, in which competitors compete by riding an upright bike and hitting an opponent’s goal post.

Youth football and rugby are among the most popular sports. However, the variations in the rules make it difficult for public schoolboys to continue playing football at university. The University of Cambridge tried to standardize rules for football in 1843, and the Cambridge students took up the cause. This idea spread, as graduates from Cambridge formed football clubs. Then, in 1863, a meeting of football clubs produced printed rules of the game. This rule prohibited carrying the ball, while the “handling” game of rugby was left outside of the newly formed Football Association.

Other types of sports involve throwing a ball or a loop over an object. Rope-tying is an outdoor sport that involves a rubber-covered net and two teams. In addition, there is ice hockey, rugby, and other sports that involve a variety of equipment. The object of each game is to score more points than the opponent. A field goal can be scored by kicking the ball between two posts. Another form of sports that involves throwing a ball involves a three-touch field goal.