Types of Sports


There are many different types of sports. For example, one of the oldest and most popular sports is cricket. This game has different forms such as Test, One-Day, and T20. Other sports include Eight-Ball, a game with a cue and 15 colored balls. Another sport is called Hurling and involves kicking a ball with a stick. Many other sports involve throwing, catching, and shooting at targets.

In 1888, the Football League was founded and allowed the leading twelve teams from the North and Midlands to play against each other. By 1893, the league added a lower division, increasing the number of teams to twenty-eight. This led to the formation of the Irish and Scottish leagues. The Southern League began in 1894, but was absorbed into the Football Association the following year.

The game is similar to rugby, but involves a team and a ball. The object is to advance the ball into the end zone of the opposing team. A team scores points by kicking, throwing, or handing the ball from one teammate to another. The team that scores the most points at the end of the game wins.

There are also sports for disabled people. There is a sport called Sledge Hockey. This consists of playing on a sledge and is based on the concept of “feet.” Other sports that require the use of a wheelchair are sledding, parachuting, and archery. Other games include drunken boxing, which involves a concept of Chinese martial arts. There are also several sports that involve diving in water. There is also a sport called Freerunning, which is essentially parkour with added aesthetic moves.