Types of Sports


Sports are varied and exciting. From a game of soccer to a battle of rock-climbing teams, there are numerous types of sports to choose from. The objective of most sports is to score more points than the opposition, and this is achieved through kicking the ball between the goalposts. The goal is also known as a field goal, drop goal, or penalty kick. In the US, sports include roping and baseball. There are also different types of swimming.

In the early 1870s, leading clubs started charging spectators to watch the game. This practice enabled clubs to pay illicit wages to attract skilled players, largely from Scotland. Working class players longed for a professional system that would compensate them for the “broken time” and risks they had taken. The FA was stoutly elitist, however, and this preserved the upper class influence on the game. A century later, the sport has moved from amateur to professional status.

Disc Golf is a form of golf in which players use a flying disc. In Disc Sports, athletes use flying discs to throw a heavy object. Dodgeball is another type of sport in which teams throw balls at each other. A variation of the sport is called sports table football. It attempts to reproduce the rules of Association Football on a table top. Other sports include dog agility and greyhound racing, in which dogs compete to catch a lure.