Variations of Sports


There are many variations of sports. For example, soccer is played between two teams of eleven to 18 players. In the United States, the sport is known as “football.” Rugby league is a version of soccer with less players per team. Other variations include rugby league sevens and rugby league nines. Flag football is another variant, in which players place a flag on their bodies and attempt to make a tackle. In both variations, the goal is to score points.

Football was played in Scotland as early as the 15th century. During the reign of King James I, the game was banned, but was later repealed. A noted incident of schoolboys playing “football” in Aberdeen was noted as an early allusion to passing the ball. The term “pass” is derived from the Latin phrase “huc percute” and “repercute pilam”. It is used to refer to any strike or pass, not necessarily between members of the same team.

In England, the game of football has undergone several changes. In 1884, the Football Association (FA) banned two clubs for using professional players. The following year, the FA sanctioned payments to players. The emergence of professional football helped working-class players to find a home in the game. They would get a financial reward for the “broken time” and the risk of injury. This was achieved by regulating the power of agents.