How to Write a Sports Article


Sports are any form of physical activity that is competitive and organised. They can be enjoyed by participants and spectators alike and are often an important part of a person’s life.

Understanding the Sport

To write a good sports article, you must understand the sport you are writing about, including rules, history, league standings and current controversies. It also helps to know the game’s lingo, but you shouldn’t use complicated jargon that would be difficult for readers to understand.

Aspects of Sport

One of the most interesting aspects of sports is how they often represent, maintain and challenge identities. They can serve to support or undermine hegemonic social relations, and can encourage the construction of national traditions.

Nationalism is particularly evident in the pursuit of sport, when people compete in national teams or commentators and audiences adopt a partisan view. This can lead to violent confrontation within and beyond the sporting venue.

The Synergy of Sports and Media

Modern sports cannot function as they do without the mass media, which publicize and underwrite them. Their coverage of elite sports creates a huge market for equipment and team-related merchandise, as well as a powerful economic infrastructure that sustains the industry.

In some ways, this dynamic synergy is a positive thing. However, it is not without its flaws and has led to occasional backlash against it.

The emergence and diffusion of modern sports worldwide has been a complex process that is bound up with unequal power relations. In this regard, Europe and North America have played a dominant role. Nations on the periphery of this network, such as East Africa, have struggled to compete in international sports competitions. They have suffered from the so-called brawn drain, which means that their best athletes leave for more developed, affluent countries with better training facilities and more lucrative employment opportunities.